R & D


Ashtavaidyan Thaikatt Mooss's Vaidyaraj Aushadasala has a whole R&D department dedicated to develop new medicines and methodologies, focussed on challenging and eradicating specific health issues using natural and traditional means of medication. R & D facility of Vaidyaraj Aushadasala is exactly a place where ancient knowledge meets with modern technologies, where heritage and scientific advancement plays an equal role in carving out new paths for Ayurvedic medication.

Our Research and Development team have been doing an excellent work, and as a result a long line of products have come out in the market, all of which has become a boon for those who were struggling with health issues. Medicines such as Voz E Tone, Vozitex Forte, Vozlax are a few glorious examples of products which came out of our extensive research. Here, in Ashtavaidyan Thaikatt Mooss's Vaidyaraj Aushadasala, we strive for a future where mankind finds no need to find themselves in long queues of hospitals, a future where healthy living is a habit rather than a struggle.

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Ashtavaidyan Thaikkatu Moss's Vaidyaraj Oushashashala

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