K.S Kochumon

Managing Partner

Sajeev Antony

Managing Partner

Vaidyaraj Oushadasala came into existence from the Ashta Vaidya tradition under the able guidance of Bramha Shree Divakaran Mooss who was a member of Ekayadath Thaikattu Mooss family. The foundation stone of this glorious venture was laid by Padma Shri Dr KJ Yesudas in the year of 1905

Within this short time of its inception into the ayurveda scenario and also because of the strength of a great traditional legacy, the company occupies a prominent position pioneering with almost 320 varieties of medicines, 300 generic medicines and 15 patent medicines. All formulations are well accepted and acclaimed for its intense healing power and quality.

Today, not only in every nook and corner of Kerala but also in many parts of the world, the presence o f Vaidyaraj Aushadasala is known. Presently the company is headed by Dr. K.S Kochumon, Ph.d and Sri. Sajeev Antony as the managing partners and Dr. Shaju Antony, Dr Sunil Antony as the partners. The organisation is in constant endeavour to keep up its position with latest improved and advanced technology restoring all traditional aspects. The company is situated at Anandapuram with 40,000 sq.ft built area, an advanced laboratory with latest sophisticated equipments and more than a hundred employees. The company owns five acres of land exclusively for cultivating rare herbs. This herbal farm is located 22kms away from the cultural capital of Kerala at Anandapuram, a land of scenic beauty, so tranquil and is identified as Gramaveethi. The company is continuing its journey to eternal success, searching the deep roots of Ayurveda, restoring the essence of Ashta Vaidya and ensuring the quality of products.

Our Pharmacy

Pharmacy Which Was Under His Management Has Been Named "VAIDYARAJ" And It Was The Title In Which He Was Proudly Called And Honoured By Late Maharshi Maheshyogi Who Was Renowned For Upholding Indian Tradition, Longitivity, Health And Wellbeing All Over The World He Handed Over His Family Venture To His Brother And Started Working For This Pharmacy Which Was In His Management. Enriched By Ashtavaidya Tradition Indispensable To The Modern World. Unraveling The Story Of A Civilization, Encapsulating The Quintessence Of It's Culture Vaidyaraj Oushadhashala Offers Us A View Of Sublime India.

He Has Truly Defined The Exact Meaning As 'VAIDHYASHRESHTAN' With A Strong And Deep Heritage And Legacy Of Making Traditional Ayurvedic Medicines And Doing Social Services. Around 500 Different Variety Of Medicines Is Being Made And Distributed Worldwide, Which Includes Classic Medicines Like Arishtam, Asavam, Gulikas ,Lehyams, Choornams And Other Patent Products. Generation Old Experts Are Preparators Of Ashtavaidyamedicines.Today 320 Drug Formulations Of Ashtavaidya With Intense Healing Powers Are Prepared .Other Indegenous Medicines Include 300 Generic Medicines And 15 Patent Medicines. Traditionally Accepted Strict Quality Measures Area Adopted From Raw Materials To Prepared Medicines.

Due To His Contact With Maharshi He Was Occupied With International Works And His Availability In Kerala Became Very Limited. Gradually He Divided His Work To Partners And Moved To Advisory Level, To Do Researches On New Medicines And Stayed Away From The Daily Schedule Of The Pharmacy. Management Was Formed With Different Personalities, And Now Charioteers Of Two Famous Business Organisations Sri.K.S Kochumon, And Sri.Sajeev Antony Became The Managing Partners Of Vaidyaraj Oushadhashala And Dr.Shaju Antony, Dr.Sunil Antony, Mrs.K.R. Vijaya Became The Partners Which Led To A Steamed Growth Of The Organisation. Every Nook And Corner Of Kerala Witnessed The Presence And Growth Of Vaidyashala's Medicines Which Always Maintained Its Own Quality, Unique Identification,In All The Ways.

The Organisation Grew Up Step By Step With Latest Improved And Advanced Technology Restoring All Traditional Aspects And Today It Is A 40,000 And More Square Feet Area. The Area Contains 3½ Acres Of Land Where Herbal Plants Are Cultivated.The Medicines Derived From The Rare Herbs Of Nature Are Not Only Used To Treat A Particular Disease But To Restore Complete Harmony To The Body. It Is Equipped With Large Scale Manufacturing Technologies To Meet The Growing Demands Of The Society. This Herbal Farm Is Located 22kms From The Cultural Capital Of Kerala And Is A Beautiful Place In Anadapuram And The Location Is Named As Gramaveeethi.

Contemparory Followers Has Inherited The Rich Legacy Left By Predecessors Enriching The Quality Of Products To Their Own Contribution. It Not Only Marked It's Signature In Kerala But Also Outside Kerala And Abroad, The Organisation Hoisted Its Victory. It Is Continuing Its Journey To Success, Searching The Deep Roots Of Ayurveda, Restoring The Essence Of ASHTAVAIDYA. Even After Establishing In A Wider Way He Still Ensures The Quality Of His Products Behind The Screen. His Untiring Efforts And Hard Work Keep The Flag Flying Still Today.

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Ashtavaidyan Thaikkatu Moss's Vaidyaraj Oushashashala

Gramaveedhi, Anandapuram, Thrissur - 680 305, Kerala (India)

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