Anaemia Treatment in Ayurveda

Anaemia, amedical termthat refers to decreasedhemoglobin percentage in one’s body.This greatly affects an individual by reducing the carrying of oxygen into the blood. If the amount or the percentage decreases from the normal level, then the state is calledas Anaemia.

In Ayurveda, this condition is referred to as Pandu (meaning color changing to pale yellow or husky white.). The usual clinical symptoms diagnosed are: Disability, lethargy,lossofinterest in work, breathlessnessduring stepping up,worminfestation,giddiness, sleeping/drowsing and more.

Striking disorders: Pallor of the body, dryness,body ache, numbness, edema, yellow discolorationin urine,lossofbody luster, headache,giddiness and many more. Some of the possible reasons for this anaemic condition to arise are: heavy exercise, sour and salty food, alcohol intake, Day sleep or sedentary work, spicy foods that cause burning sensations or penetrating burning feels inside, and intake of mud.

According to a study by the Ayurvedicphysicians, there are the following types of anemia –vatic anemia, paittaic anemia, kaphaja anemia, tridoshic anemia, and anemia due tointake of mud. Vatic anemia arises due to dryness of skin and eyes, reduced urine output, black discolorations, tremors andpricking sensationsalong with giddiness.

Paitticanaemia is identified by yellow discoloration of urine, skin andeyes, burning,thirst,fever, diarrhea, and discoloration of body parts.Kaphajaanaemia includes white discoloration of eyesand skin,urineand eyes, nausea,edema,drowsiness, laziness,and heaviness of body parts.Tridoshicanaemia is a blend of all the above types of strikinganaemic disorders.Apart from this, there is anemia that comes through intake of mudmostly by soil contamination.

How to treat this state/condition?

In extreme conditions, the purification process through Vamana and Virechana, medicines prescribed with honey, ghee and iron source foodscan be a remedy for this anaemia. Based on the stage of illness, the appropriate remedy for this conditional state is planned. It’s always advisableto take wormicidal medicinesbefore starting the medication for the discoloration of body parts known as Pandu.

Always take wholesome diet and maintain good eating habits. Avoid spicy foods, all types of alcohols, horse gram and alkaline substances and avoid excess of sexual indulgence.

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