Ashtavaidyan Thaikatt Mooss Vaidyaraj Aushadasala


We all hunt for medical treatments that are within our budget and entirely worth the expense.Many people after trying out allopathy medicines often get extremely disappointed with treatments,especially in regard to bone related or other critical illnesses. So, they often rush to natural forms of treatment like Ayurveda.

Ashtavaidyan Thaikatt Mooss Vaidyaraj Aushadasala, a popular Ayurvedic treatment and healing center is located at Anandapuramnear Thrissur, the city of rich cultural traditions. VaidyarajOushadasala came into existence from the AshtaVaidya tradition under the able guidance of Bramha Shree DivakaranMooss, who was a member of EkayadathThaikattuMooss family.The VaidyarajAushadasala finds a name in the prominent medicinal lists for faster healing and cures.

The firm is headed and run by managing partners, Dr. K.S Kochumon, Ph.d and Sri Sajeev Antony, Dr. Shaju Antony, and Dr Sunil Antony. This company is firmly built around a sprawling 40,000 square feetwith modern laboratory equipped with latest sophisticated machinery.The company cultivates rare herbs in their five acre land exclusively used for the purpose.

Our Pharmacy

Vaidyaraj, the pharmacy managed and run by the firm has over 500different variety of medicines, distributed worldwide. These include classic Medicines like Arishtam, Asavam, Gulikas,Lehyams, Choornams and other patent products.Traditionally accepted strict quality measures are employed from raw materials to prepared medicines. All formulations are well received for their intense healing power and quality.

Ayurveda, a Boon
  • A traditional source of medicine preparation.
  • Helps in cure of various ailments or diseases.
  • Relaxes your mind, body and senses.
  • Assist in purification of all body circulations and blood vessels..
  • Keeps you healthy and happy
  • A combo of space, air, water, earth and ether for a balanced body.
How Ayurveda helps?

Paitticanaemia is identified by yellow discoloration of urine, skin andeyes, burning,thirst,fever, diarrhea, and discoloration of body parts.Kaphajaanaemia includes white discoloration of eyesand skin,urineand eyes, nausea,edema,drowsiness, laziness,and heaviness of body parts.Tridoshicanaemia is a blend of all the above types of strikinganaemic disorders.Apart from this, there is anemia that comes through intake of mudmostly by soil contamination.

How to treat this state/condition?

Ayurveda helps in providing energy by following activities.

Yoga, Meditation, Massage and Breathing exercises.

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Ashtavaidyan Thaikkatu Moss's Vaidyaraj Oushashashala

Gramaveedhi, Anandapuram, Thrissur - 680 305, Kerala (India)

Ph: 0480 2881969, 7034028051 .