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Sri.E.T.Divakaran Mooss

Sri E.T. Divakaran Mooss was honored by the title 'Vaidyaraj', one of the greatest recognition bestowed by Maharshi Mahesh Yogi who was renowned for upholding Indian tradition, health and well being all over the world. The pharmacy was named after this title. Sri E.T. Divakaran Mooss has truly defined the exact meaning of 'Vaidyashreshtan' with a strong and deep heritage and legacy of making traditional ayurvedic medicines and doing social services. Today, not only in every nook and corner of Kerala but also in many parts of the world, the presence of Vaidyaraj Aushadasala is known. Presently the company is headed by Dr. K.S Kochumon, Ph.d and Sri. Sajeev Antony as the managing partners and Dr. Shaju Antony, Dr Sunil Antony as the partners.

  • OurVision

    "Globally most admired for Ayurvedic products and services that Delight Customers, while delivering Knowledge, Cure and Wellness, naturally and effectively." Read More

  • Our Mission

    • Provide the most genuine and authentic Ayurveda treatments using traditional methodologies.
    • Extend overall health care at affordable rates.
    • To spread the miraculous healing power of Ayurveda for the overall well being of the society.
  • Group Activities

    • Ayurveda Medicine Manufacturing (Classical, Classical Patent, Patent and O.T.C products)
    • Ethical Sales Promotion
    • Franchise Business
    • Distribution- Business
    • Export- Business
    • Institution Manufacturing Business (IMF)
  • Classic Products

    Classic products of Vaidyaraj Aushadasala are medicines whose formulations had been developed centuries ago, products of our glorious past which had been shared from ear to ear, from gurus to their disciples.
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  • Patent Products

    Vaidyaraj Aushadasala with its latest and sophisticated machineries and extensive research, have developed a number of unique products to their name. These products are widely sold and have become a boon for those who were previously hanging onto allopathic medicines for their relief.
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  • Other Products

    Vaidyaraj Aushadasala also produces other sets of special purpose medicines which are of high quality and focussed on specific action, namely Piheal, Vyoshamritham, Dasamoolarasayanam, Neelibringadi Keram etc...
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About Us

Vaidyaraj Oushadasala came into existence from the Ashta Vaidya tradition under the able guidance of Bramha Shree Divakaran Mooss who was a member of Ekayadath Thaikattu Mooss family. The foundation stone of this glorious venture was laid by Padma Shri Dr KJ Yesudas in the year of 1905.Within this short time of its inception into the ayurveda scenario and also because of the strength of a great traditional legacy, the company occupies a prominent position pioneering with almost 320 varieties of medicines, 300 generic medicines and 15 patent medicines. All formulations are well accepted and acclaimed for its intense healing power and quality.


Ayurvedeeyam 2015
Ayurvedeeyam 2015
vaidhyraj Oushadhsala
vaidhyraj Oushadhsala
Factory and Transport Facility
Factory and Transport Facility
Factory and equipments
Factory and equipments

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Ashtavaidyan Thaikkatu Moss's Vaidyaraj Oushashashala

Gramaveedhi, Anandapuram, Thrissur - 680 305, Kerala (India)

Ph: 0480 2881969, 7034028051 .