Digestive Disorder Syrup

All of us cannot stay perfectly healthy throughout life. At some or other time, we could suffer from some diseases originating from digestive disorders. Constipation, swollen digestive tract retaining fecal matter in this digestive tract is the prime reason for many diseases.

Atmvaidyarajoushadhasala offers effective cure or preventive measures in the cases mentioned below.

Acidity--- Anything that causes the stomach to irritate leading to gas formation and discomfort is acidity. Overeating, improper food habits, consumption of stale and contaminated food can cause digestive disorders.

Since the food is the core source of energy, the conversion of food to energy in the stomach is vital. And so keeping the stomach fit is utmost essential. Some of the much-noted symptoms of digestive disorders are – Stomach pain, abdominal cramps, Bloating, gas, heartburn, Diarrhea, Fullness, Nausea, and Constipation.

Atmvaidyarajoushadhasala provides effective digestive disorder syrup prepared by their laboratory to be used under strict guidance of the physician. It acts as a natural remedy in providing immediate relief from acidity and digestive problems.

Constipation--- This could occur in any human being. The main causes are faulty diet, less intake of fluids, less exercise, fear, anxiety, inadequate rest, excessive use of laxatives, and many others.

Atmvaidyarajoushadhasala, offers medicines in the form of syrups and tablets which would relieve you from instant Hyperacidity, Gastritis, Indigestion and other common problems in digestion.

Piles--- Haemorrhoid, aka Piles, are swollen or inflamed blood vessels in and around the rectum and anus. Haemorrhoid are clumps and cushions of tissue in the anal canal. When the Haemorrhoid cushions swell and become substantially big, problems start to occur.

The most commonly experienced problem is irritation, pain and bleeding during bowel movements. Piles can differ in sizes and occur internally or externally of the anus. Haemorrhoids are classified into two types–Internal Haemorrhoids and External Haemorrhoids.

As the blood vessels in the rectum and anus experience pressure, they stretch and bulge which causes swelling. Swelling around the anus or formation of a mass in the rectum results in Piles and is the most common form.

Atmvaidyarajoushadhasala, offers Syrups that help in tackling problems like constipation, digestion, and loss of appetite.

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