Herbal Cough Syrup

Cough when prolonged for weeks or months becomes a disease that affects all individuals. As per the Ayurveda there are many ways or styles of creating herbal formulae for pertaining cough symptoms.

Ashtavaidyan Thaikatt Mooss Vaidyaraj Aushadasala herbal cough syrup provides a relief for all. Interestingly this cough syrup comes in five flavors for all to get relief and good voice. It’s believed to be one of China’s inventions in the traditions hidden for ages.

This cough syrup contains all traits such as a pungent smell, salty taste sour feeling, bitter and sweet senses for all. The detailed herbal cough syrup cane be a truly curing remedy by the use of:

Pungent Herbs: These are warm and spicy to awaken your senses and keep you active all through.

Salty Herbs: This is one area of rich minerals that affects in maintaining an accurate balance in the body. The nutritive herb used is meticulously for healing mucous membranes.

Sour Herbs: Use of such herbs stimulates digestion and builds on strength. It also offers high in antioxidants for the body.

Bitter Herbs: Theses herbs can cause an inflow of digestion smoothly and enables a cooling as well as draining effect to moderate the inflammations caused by coughs.

Sweet Herbs: the main function of this herb(s) affects the body through nourishments and builds up the immune system by frequent modulations in the immune system. What are some of the common symptoms?

Frequent coughs and throat irritation. The above herbs provide an effective shield through effective control of coughs. It also relives throat irritations.

Physician’s Role: All the above herbs come in syrups with healing instantly. Therefore, it’s utmost necessary to follow the physician for the amount or doze of syrups. Over consumption of such syrups can lead to irrecoverable defects, hence, follow the prescription of the concerned physician for the dose.

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