Herbal Kashayam for Cardiac Problems

Cardiac Problemsare often the outcome of improperlifestyles, with ignorance and misconceptions playing an important part. We or even you become alert only when some or other form of heart problems develop and are forced to start treatment.

Herbal Kashayam for Cardiac Problems is only avital step towards keeping you healthy.Thecardiac problems could occur when there are artery blockages, heart hole(s), andmany more.Some recommendations that Ayurveda makes in such cases are:

Nourishment through fruits like Amla that prevents arterial damage as well as nourishes the heart. A natural fruit jam likeChywanprash booststhe strength of the heart muscles. The overall circulation of blood is promoted without hardening, inflaming or congesting of arteries. A famous herb is Arjuna for such problems. It also lowers the blood pressure. A dramatic reduction in blood fats and cholesterol isdue to these natural herbs.

Dietary Suggestions include use of garlic, turmeric, ginger and saffron. Some important tips are eating a balanced diet, do not over-eat and reduce consumption of milk products, fried products, cold foods and foods that cause acidity. Sweets to be taken in moderate quantities; onlyhoney andjaggeryare recommended for various sweets preparations.

Change in Lifestyle habits for Cardiac patients. Heart, is necessary to pump for survival and should not be over-stressed for any reason. Ayurveda has remedies such as practicing yoga, daily breathing exercises and stern exercises. The practice of yoga and meditation relieves you of mental stress aswellas strengthens heart to pump healthy blood to the body. Walking is a natural remedy for all types of heart ailments.

Application of Panchakarmainvolves a gentle head massage with or without oil several timesin aweek to keep the body free from illness. Occasional body massages are necessary for a healthy body.

Some symptoms of cardiac problems are: chest pain, breathlessness, tiredness, excessive sweating, discomforts, fullness, indigestion or choking, nausea, vomiting oreven dizziness. Always consult a well-learned and skillful physician in such cases.It would be beneficial, if proper cooperationby the patient is ensured. This is necessary to keep you healthy and fit..

Doctors’ Tip:Take at least 2-4 glasses of water every day. Consume appropriate medicines before and after food as prescribed by the Ayurveda Physician.

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